Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Retro Toys "R" Us; Bowling Green, Kentucky

Reader Jessica Nielsen threw us an e-mail and accompanied gallery of photos of yet another left-behind Toys "R" Us located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It would appear apart from the stripped-away rainbow bars along the front and a white-washed road sign, this store would be a spitting image of it's original look from twenty years ago. According to the town's assessor database, the store was built in 1989 as a Toys "R" Us-Kids "R" Us hybrid.

Road sign of BOWLING GREEN store

Classic Jeoffrey sign of BOWLING GREEN store

Orange Entrance sign of BOWLING GREEN store

THE BOWLING GREEN store from space; Courtesy: Live Maps.

THE BOWLING GREEN store pictures; Courtesy: the Warren County town assessor.

Jessica, who shot the series of superb shots, tells in her e-mail "The building is white brick and appears that the rainbow boarding might have been removed at one point." At that, she's correct. Like some other older stores, like one in Durham, N.C., the once rainbow-pallette along the store's front has been removed. But when?

If anyone else remembers the Bowling Green store, tell us more about it. If we missed a store, notify us. You can refer to our list of known old-school stores.


greg8370 said...

Nice job Jessica! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You misspelled the name of the giraffe. Change the "J" to a "G"
His name is Geoffrey.

Anonymous said...

Took some pictures of shopping carts that used to belong to Caldor. Check out my site at Flicker under Neon4Leon. They will be there for one more week.

Anonymous said...

I am Neon4Leon1.

George said...

If I would have known that the retro Toys "r" Us with the white facade would have counted, I could have snagged you a shot of one in Elmira, NY.

Unknown said...

the ones in ROanoke and Woburn are getting turned into Toys r us Babies r us combos.

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Unknown said...

toys r us in BOwling green

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