Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Festival of Fright" at Target

If I'm not already on the Target Corporation's watch list for hammering stores with applications this past year, I might just be on their radar for typically taking a lot of pictures of their stores much less spending idle (or idol) time browsing stores when I visit the one(s) in my area. For as many times as I’ve come camera equipped, I’ve never really faced anything more than Asset Protection (for stores that have "Target Security") looming around me while at the Target store in Keene, New Hampshire; where Renee and I take trips usually when I’m up there.

Ever since September’s beginning, Target has put fourth their clever and punny (Boo-Levard; contender for the year!) Halloween line, presentation as usual in high-grade and fashion, and like the chain, refreshingly different and more passionate from any other store's approach by a long shot. Target stores strike me more than any other store I’ve ever frequented before. Those who are more than just shoppers of Target, meaning those who spend too much time there admiring their striking edgey, stylish approach towards department store shopping in addition to shopping, can stress the importance of flashy marketing that Target uses to invite and comfort their guests.

No, you won’t find this elsewhere. Target surely prides itself on distinction and it’s something most stores have not really tried to replicate. Unlike any stores of the past, all of which have seen their darkest day, Target doesn’t care that Wal-Mart “Always” has lower prices (debatable, from an unbiased point of view). Certainly, it would seem Wal-Mart might be picking from Target’s playbook a tad (been noticing some, but only some, contemporary odds and ends there lately) even if it seems their aim is not to become a shadow of the islander Target. Shopping Target's sleek red-lined corridors of product and flashy gondolas is most likely today's non-replicated equivalent to a family trip to Sears at the turn of the 20th.

Now some of you might argue I already work for Target pro-bono. Say what you will. I am, indeed, a proud Target guest and that’s not scary.