Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We're On Flickr!

And other news...

A contributor to The Caldor Rainbow, Joseph Rifkin was kind enough to track down an old photograph (or blown-up into a poster?) of the Crystal Mall from his personal collection for us to present on the site. It's fetching! Apart those gaudy, but groovin', floor tiles (which certainly had more flair to them than the endless white we see today), decor at Crystal Mall really hasn't changed too much beyond a paint job or few, has it? See the full gallery of shots taken in January 2007 and compare.

Like all of our contributions, we value all of them greatly. From memories of your own; physical and in writing, we can enrich the quality and quantity of our existing pages and retain accurate facts about our retail rainbows. When I originally constructed the Crystal Mall page, it turned out I had a lot of facts wrong by my own cloudy memory of a mall I had visited long ago. Let the Crystal Mall page be a testament to what we can achieve here if we have the scope of our valued readers chiming in on each report.

I'd like to publically thank Joseph for sharing his elusive photo with us and I'd like to urge everyone and anyone to use all their resources to make this site beyond what I can make it alone.
Keep them coming! You can send your stuffs right to my email, XISMZERO@yahoo.com.

Finally, we're now on Flickr. Now, you will be able to enjoy all of our existing galleries on Flickr. As you may already know, Yahoo! has recently chosen to close its "Photos" division, giving users the option to transport their existing libraries to other services sanctioned by Yahoo!. They happen to own Flickr, and are hoping to direct more focus (pardon the pun) on a a site whose gained much momentum over the past year apart the somewhat languishing Photos service. Despite future costs, we chose Flickr, and once you discover the site and tour it a little for yourself, you'll see why its the fastest growing photo sharing service out there used by all kinds of quality photographers; amateurs and experts alike.

Furthermore, please excuse any broken links in past reports, we'll be working to fix them all in time. Thank you for your patience!