Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"Friday Knights" Look Back On Toys "R" Us

Plug time! Most of you may be unaware of my buddy Nick Fusari and I's talkshow or "podcast" (for neo-media aged folks) Friday Knights of the Round Table.

We began this endeavor a few months ago whereby we discuss various topics pertaining to all thoughts of sorts broken down into segments. Our show, relatively new, is still morphing into everything our hopes and dreams will allow and I have, in a few instances, had worlds collide as I've plugged The Caldor Rainbow in the few of our ten episodes available on 17 Studios.

Recently, we've introduced a new segment on the show pertaining to nostalgic ventures by which we discuss Toys "R" Us and our memories spent with the chain in its final glory years of the late 1980's and early 90's. Some of those past-present clashes include the beloved rainbow-striped frontage into the boring white looks of today's stores, the video game ticket/slip system and the wall-to-ceiling board game selection: all of which have gone by the wayside in today's Toys "R" Us. While I could've spent a lengthier time on the subject, we stamped it down to just five minutes of time [out of] mind travel. Great Scott!

Our tenth episode features this new segment we've generically catagorized as "Nostalgia" for now but the entire episode has a overwhelming retail theme whereby at the top of the hour we shootout thoughts on the Sonic restaurant chain and the now late Circuit City (sorry, the segment was cut from the final version) most of the information I mirror in my recent Caldor Rainbow article.

Hope you enjoy it and spread the word and a somewhat rare "live" media appearance by myself (on the left). If you've got suggestions, complaints or ways to bolster our show, throw us an e-mail.

We're still growing, morphing, mutating!