Monday, March 10, 2008

Caldor; New Britain: Summer 1990

Here's another gem for all of you to enjoy: a genuine color photograph of the Caldor in New Britain, Connecticut along Farmington Avenue from July (or August) 1990, according to Jim who sent this one in.

It comes with a caption as well, which he wrote up himself, describing the scene: "Caldors having a clearance on clothing items in the middle of July. It lasted a week."

Doesn't it look wonderful? People shopping on the front sidewalk for discounted clothing on those circular racks we all know under a lusterless sky -- but not without the infinite earthly shower of the rainbow up above -- like a black cat floating in blue sky! Apparently, the store wasn't entirely concerned about the merchandise enough to keep it indoors, away from thieves, and possibly a storm (imagine today's retailers doing this!).

Now in full, vivid color, you can see just how much weathering detriment plagued the stucco-frenzied building aside the once classy looking, environmentally unfriendly tin can automobiles your moms and pops drove!

This comes direct from our contact and former longtime Caldor employee Jim, who supplied us with a few other photos, two of which were his own, from his personal collection. If you haven't seen the others, do so.

Jim will continue to search for more, so stay tuned!