Thursday, August 06, 2009

Keep Ahead!

Hello all.

I want to assure you I'm still here though much of my activity has diverted away from doing stories on The Caldor Rainbow as of late. Fear not. I'm not going anywhere. Lately, I've been performing a colossal disservice to you all by not keeping you informed about the site's activities by, well, not updating it since April.

The heydays of the site may be far away from what's been generated lately but I can assure you we're still out there, keeping tabs on our favorite departed discounters and alive ones changing with the times. I urge you all to slowly move on to our Flickr when the updates are scant around here. Yes, Flickr, where we have thousands of photos for you all to gander, ones added often (though like the site's vacant syndrome, it struck Flickr as well as of late).

I've got a few stories in the pipeline involving our usual topical updates. Keep visiting, there's someone still here!