Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Almost Gothic

Since we (I) here, at the Caldor Rainbow, breached what became our (my) pre-Halloween story, we had something else in store (that's a pun, sonny boy) for such an event, a day where little children (and some questionably mental adults, too) dress up like ghastly figures and corporate incarnate in order to deceive people into setting an ultimatum of tricking or treating, in other words, recieving candy to facilitate the rotting of teeth (and increasing Dental visits/bills) and brains (contested; zombies already festering off those of the people over 12) of a continually gothic holiday of Halloween.

Just this Sunday, I and my Renee defiled ourself on the Holy day and created our own Pumpkin, not in the image of the Caldor Rainbow, but modeled after Nintendo's own Wario, who shares a special space inside my [dark] heart. She prefers Bowser, but we had restrictions revolving around time. Oh, precious time.

Yes, that's my copy, the one I paid about $40 for. Nightstalkers, you better beware...

It's between this digest and listening endlessly to [a "classic"] Castlevania rap with Perfection Selection Dracula until the little boys and girls cease from slamming their smelly [and questionably greedy] little figures upon my doorbell [in triplicate].