Thursday, August 23, 2007

Trumbull Mall Sees Target by Fall [of former Read/Macy's] 2008


The Caldor Rainbow is not dead, unlike some of the content we report. Do to time concerns (and the usual Summer deterrents) as of late, we have shifted much of our site's original photography-focused material to Flickr, whose visual-based approach has made it much easier to provide effective "express" updates compared to constructing stories and articles for our populous to read a la The Caldor Rainbow. As we've reported earlier, we've begun a Flickr page to display all of our high-quality photo gallery sets and updates in the random retail world and otherwise, dead and alive, that would otherwise pique the interest of you, the readers. Don't be afraid! Flickr is nothing more than a fancy site for those to display their own pictures of all kinds to the scope of the world.

That does not mean The Caldor Rainbow will cease!

As a matter of fact, The First Anniversary of The Caldor Rainbow will be coming within the first week of September. So, we will continue writing stories, but time will be even more squeezed as the next months go on, giving much way for Flickr and its express of content. We hope our branching to Flickr will provide such updates not delivered on The Site, but not lose any readers. So please, stay locked to the site and check out our Flickr regularly and keep the comments running in on all fronts! We greatly appreciate all of our notoriety and feedback.

I've received an overwhelming amount of responses on our Westfield Trumbull page since its original write-up, asking readers to reflect on their experiences of how the mall was in its original days. Unable to find much on my own (especially not having spent any time there in my heydays), a flurry of local accounts tell more of what the mall looked like and how much its changed. Run over to that page and read them as we are working soon to update the current material and clean it up a bit as well.

We went by Westfield Trumbull on July 9 to find the former D.M. Read's building, which has been vacant for over a year following its last occupation by Macy's before they took over the former Filene's, demolished to the ground. As we suspected, hip discount department retailer Target will be coming to the mall making it the second store in the town of Trumbull "Coming Fall 2008". In addition, the Town of Trumbull website reports the coming of Target in 2008 will "encourage significant interior and exterior renovations and some new stores inside the existing Mall" , developing...


The move to add discounter Target to Westfield's mall ensuing the [admittedly relic-classed cool] eyesore vacancy left by Macy's when it moved into the opposite veteran space apart the mall's original roster arose questions and concerns by locals. Citing that the company, who opened a store on the outskirts of town bordering neighboring town Stratford over at the Hawley Lane Mall in 2004, questioned the notion of having two Target stores in town.

Target has a few more Connecticut stores which opened earlier this year including Ansonia, Orange, and soon Torrington (opening unknown) and Trumbull in Fall 2008 following two stores opened last year. We drove by Orange in its near final stages this March, saw the skeleton on Torrington just recently, and have not been able to see the Ansonia store, which replaced a vacant factory. Sources also predict another proposed store slated for Bristol along West Street, which has not yet been announced by the company.

The new stores will likely open on
October 8, when Target typically unveils its new stores for quarter four.


Anonymous said...

My aunt told me that, the original 1964 part of the mall was pretty much just one small strip. Reads was the first and only department store at the time. She also said that the mall's floor was originally draped in Linolium.

In that wing (where the E-B games is visible as you go down the escalators), those particular escalators were put in a year or two ago, to replace the original ones. I do remember the original escalators, they were all chrome, the railings were folding-grooved chrome pieces (talking about getting your hands pinched). That was scraped away not too long ago.

The Brown and tan tiles appears that they were put in in two decades (the late 70s and mid 80s?) Look at the detail of the tiles and some are grooved, and some are smooth. It depends on what part of the mall you are in.

I'm guessing most of the mall was renovated in the 80s, especially the food court. You should of seen the FYE before they renovated it in 2001. It was stuck in the 80s (lit up display photos of prince, and witney houston on the upper walls).

I've literally grew up with this mall, along with the Crystal Mall, and the Danbury Fair Mall. But now, like the Danbury Fair Mall, this mall is about to see some changes after Target makes their landing....

P.S. Good to hear from you again!

Anonymous said...


Just a correction. Target is not coming to King Street in Bristol. It is in fact coming to the Southington side of King Street which is called West Street. That store will be located right off the I-84 Exit 31 Off Ramp. In fact they're supposed to move that off ramp so it lines up with another street so they can put in a traffic light.


Nicholas M. DiMaio said...

Whoops!It's West Street. Thanks!

Buck Ninja said...

Bitching blog, man! You rock, dude!

Scottw73 said...

Before Reads, That store was an EJ Korvettes. When they went bankrupt in 1980, reads was built in it's place. Also the former Kmart in derby was once a Reads

John Brophy said...

The Target store for the Westfield Trumbull mall will be known as the "Trumbull West" store to differentiate itself with the store at Hawley Lane. The grand opening is slated to be for October 12th.

You should also look into the store being built in (or around) Southington off I-84. I think that also opens around the same time.

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