Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bradlees: Evolution of Logos

Here's a history unearthed of many logos used by the late Bradlees department store throughout its life. As with many retailers in the days of print-dominant media, retailers would display and mainstream their week's sales and specials through the monochromes of newspapers.

After an experimental decade, Bradlees finally settled on a destined iconic, groovy logo far beyond the limits of groove's allowance (which is almost precisely the year disco refused to leave, becoming a subculture). As it turns out, the 1970s-centric logo we all knew would become the company's image all the way up until the dark day of defeat. Kind of told a story about the retailer who endured troubled times in the final decade of its life.

Upon looking through these, you'll find throughout the 1960's, the company began to craft a style they has branded as iconic: notably an arrow within the 'B'. It was then, in 1973 they had realized they had their own sleek, modern alternative to Caldor's "hip" rainbow motif.

1960: Before "Stop & Shop"

November 1960: Bristol Plaza; Bristol, Conn.

December 1960




"Mini-Pricing" Years: 1965-1968

"Mini-Pricing" Years: 1965-1968

"Mini-Pricing" Years: 1965-1968

"Mini-Pricing" Years: 1965-1968






Stay tuned for the relaunching of the Bradlees Store Locator and related Bradlees updates in the near future. If you've not already, be sure to explore our findings of former Bradlees locations including our newest find in Foxborough, Massachusetts.


greg8370 said...

As a former Bradlees mgr (1981-1998) I can't wait to see your updated list!

Anonymous said...

Today I noticed at the school where I teach that the man who comes around with the milk each day uses a red Bradless shopping cart with the latest Bradlees logo on the sides!

By the way, since discovering this website I love that old-school Caldor rainbow logo, so I had it put on a t-shirt. It's totally 70's! I can wear it while driving my 1979 orange and brown Ford Pinto (seriously)!

Anonymous said...

The Bradlees logo (the last one) always reminded me of like, The Love Boat when I was a little kid.

Anonymous said...

If you think these are cool looking right now, wait till you check some of them out in full color on some posts on the Pleasant Family Shopping blog, theres some rare pictures there!!!! :)

planckzoo said...

The Guilford location had been a Mammoth mart and a Kings, if I recall correctly. I remember shopping at the Mammoth Mart when I was in my early teens.

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The last ones resembles the logo for tires Bridgestone. Specially in the "b".

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